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Images from the Great Plains of Nebraska

captured by Z. McNeeLee T. McNeeLee and Thomas A. Bouse

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December 12, 2012

Highlighting Spring is just another thing that we do here. We celebrate all the seasons, even the 5th season. On the shortest day of the year one might engage in creating the fables of spring, a time so different from the 'dead' of winter (it's really sleeping with a warming blanket of snow, if we're lucky). When ice forms on our ponds, creeks and runs a prism emerges giving rainbow promises of a violent spring awakening that may bring torrents and winds aplenty.  All locomoting towards the 'dog days' of Summer, not so much doggy as humid and long long long ... Such is the life here in Nebraska, where you might hear a Florida Native say " Nebraska is cool!"





                     photograph of a spring Robin on a tree limb April sunrise photograph of a beautiful april sunrise red and purple

                         Misty Valley

dew ring dropplets around a green leaf

photograph ofmonring fog at Fort Niobrara from overlook                           


Dew Ring








photograph of beautiful fuzzy blue Iris    

     Fuzzy Iris



wispy clouds

           photograph of white whispy clouds in a blue blue sky

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