malmoea gallery arts icon a red and yellow hibiscus bloom
Malmoea Gallery 2
malmoea gallery arts icon a red and yellow hibiscus bloom

Images from The Great Plains of Nebraska

captured by Z. McNeeLee T. McNeeLee and Thomas A. Bouse

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These Photographs are all taken in Lancaster County Nebraska. This assignment required early rising to accomplish and a measure of travel to Spring Creek and other locations in South East Nebraska.  Spring brings rapid change and babyness starts to reveal itself to witnesses. Flowers and trees are popular themes in these parts. Great food, another value we celebrate, asparagus and all.

a pink morning sky through leafless trees

In Spring time dawn comes earlier; the pinks and oranges delight the eyes. Although the trees are bare, the buds are getting ready for burst of green, popping out here or over there.Spring time, so much hope and potential from small things, a protective canopy of sun block to come.

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Tom at Spring Creek Priaire

Tom with dousing rig at Spring Creek Prairie

Hibuscus bloom red and yellow

indoor Hibiscus in brilliant bloom

Purple budding iris

Purple Budding Iris with dew drops

Purple Berries

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Tasty Burger

tasty Burger with asparagus

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July 21, 2015