Malmoea Gallery 4

The Great Critter Forage of 2012

This Squirrel is atop our Stump eating and commanding Squirrel Realm.

The Turtle Dove eyes the Squirrel and asks:
"will you share with me?"


The Leavings: When Squirrel completes the Mission this is all that's left.


Our garden full of wonder in all shapes and sizes.
Finding food takes time and efforts; this sunflower head is what's left of the great critter forage of 2013.Yummmm.
Monarch has found something of interest here.


Bee flies here and there, floating in mid-air, hovering in our garden.
Our star a few years ago
Our Star Now

LightPlay on Star Magnolia

RichLoamyMusic 2014
January 5, 2017