Gallery Five
Fire! Photography of a Controlled Burn
These photographs were taken April 11th, 2009 at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, Denton Ne., during the annual spring burn. Have you ever been to Nebraska? Wide open spaces abound around here. Grasslands, Prairie, openness that gives you the opposite of claustrophobia. One way to manage prairie is to do controlled burns. In Nebraska people actually volunteer for this type of work; before this assignment I had never met such a person. On this day there were many workers, breathing the acrid smoke and feeling the hot hot flames. Sometimes to ' get the shot' you endanger yourself, getting closer than you might if you were not so excited and on alert, senses at a heightened level, super aware of all that's going on around. These People are brave in heart and generous of time. This photo essay is dedicated to them, The Fire Controllers.

fire workers in the smoke


The work gets smokey, acrid smokey

Niobrara River Sunrise
cross section of burning prairie
the line of fire... for real
fire tenders on the road


The enormity of flames can be overwhelming, the heat completely stifling and deadly beautiful.

long day at the office

Long day at the Office

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