Year of the Horse

Rebecca Rose's year of the horse sketch
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year of the Horse
The Year of the Horse

The energetic potentials of the Horse are powerful and compelling. Celebrated artistically worldwide, they speak to us of strength, freedom, the combination of beauty and power. In eastern astrology, the Horse is one of the Protectors, three signs that share generostiy, compassion, and a sense of fairness, sometimes to the point of zealotry or rebellion. The Horse is an Active personality, loving freedom and adventure. Confident and enthusiastic, the Horse acts decisively. A perceptive intuition keeps the Horse ahead, moving swiftly down a path others may not even see, but they follow anyway because the Horse is charasmatic and persuasive. Creative and dramatic, undiciplined the Horse can be impulsive, insensitive, stubborn. Appeal to the Horse's emotional nature. Love the Horse honestly and without tethers, and see its capacity for noble loyalty.

Eastern astrology maps events on cycles of 12: 12 years, 12 months, 12 "hours" (each a 2 hour segment of the 24 hour day). So each person or event is a mix of these different potentials. Metaphorical animal names were added long after the 12 personality types were described.
As we move through the year of the Horse its energy is maximized. It can manifest in individuals feeling personal Horse energy, or in events on a greater scale. Those with Horse in their constitutions may have a burst of creative expression, or become arrogant and unpredictable. This year gives us an opportunity to appreciate Horse energy, learn from its strengths and pitfalls.
Zephyr's sketch of the pont and the rat
Zephyr's year of the pony and rat
Those with Rat (Horse's opposite) in their constitutions may become annoyed with these waxing energies. Remember, it's also an opportunity to find Balance.