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Malmoea Research and Development company: an invention, a fancy, an innovation, a notion, an idea, a way of life. Trusting to experiment, contrasting and comparing notes from the Quantum Field where empirical results are only part of the answer, and if successful only engenders more queries and miracles of our Universe.

Its True and its False. Is this our only choice? What Universe do we live in where Quarks are real if you are an "m" device. We use "M" devices all the time,

to measure what we witness and help chart our determinations. Questions that become the thing eating itself happen in a Spherical Universe Where the Sol

has as much influence as cosmic intelligence, maybe more. Humans the ultimate measuring device?  It was interpreted that deep reality does not exist.

does the Planet spin if there are no witnesses?                                                                                                                                                 





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Page Rank Checker - A free tool to check the page rank of any web site easily, without the need to install Google toolbar. This tool also allows you to display the page rank value of your web site right on your web pages.

time travel back to before the Great success







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