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Lefty's Spring Dance, our latest free download.
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Phooled, the McNeeLees first album, is for sale. Click the flying hat and proceed from there.

Niobrara A Film Perspective is now available!
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Niobrara a Film Perspective

The McNeeLees Leftys' Spring Dance

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Malmoea Market

   Our music and film springs forth from the rich and loamy soils of the Great Plains. Our rich and wild weather enlivens our energies with lightning storms and thunder,

torrents, blizzards, and the calmest most beautiful days ever witnessed on this sphere we call our home.


Niobrara a Film Perspective


facilitates artistic production and collaboration.
If you are interested in hiring one of our ensembles or production associates, please
contact us directly.

We have 3 skilled Still and Cinema Photographers on staff

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