Longboard Companies

Wow, I didn't think that there were this many longboard companies. Shows how much I know. It is a good idea to test ride as many boards as possible before making a decision to purchase one.
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Several different longboard models, and a speedometer/ tripometer available.
Gravity logo a big red G

Black 29
A variety of longboards all based around the same style, with sizes all the way down to 26"
black 29 logo

Gorden & Smith
G&S sell makes both Surfboards and Skateboards, thus their (fiberglass reinforced) Longboards are designed to have a surf feel.
G and S Logo

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Freeride offers 7 stylish longboards, from 30" to 44"
Freeride Skateboards

Acme is a well known shortboard producer, who also has 3 big longboard models.
Acme Skateboards

I had no idea that Variflex was still making skateboards. They have a 42" longboard line that is pictured nowhere on their web page. I'm not laughing, but I think I should be.
Variflex, Inc.

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old school long boards
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Sector 9
Wide variety of boards in different sizes and styles.
Sector 9 Skateboards

Several classy longboards from 39" to 62", with a very nice web site
Tahoe Longboards

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MJB Design
MJB sells templates and rough deck blanks of some crazy shapes, and will also do custom designs.
MJB Design

Terminal Velocity
TVS offers models from 38" to 48" with a Snowboard-like shape with wheel cutouts
Terminal Velocity Streetboards

Quality hardwood longboards, hand crafted by the Presiado family.
Prediado Skateboards

Pointy custom longboards, poplar core in carbon fiber and fiberglass.
Peregrine Custom Boards

Several retro-surf style longboards.
Deplo Skateboards

Some fish-shaped longboards. Groooovy.
Fishbone Skateboards logo

Three different longboard models, sold as completes.
Rodyz Skateboards

Surf style longboards with a neat Hawaiian/floral grip texture.
aloha logo

Fiberglass skateboards, most of which are too short to be considered longboards, made by a bunch of chauvenists.
Flexdex Skateboards

Nine Plus
Two longboard models, in addition to a bunch of surfboards and clothing.
Nine Plus Skateboards

Longboards, Speedboards, and Lugeboards.
Fluid Skateboards

Real-Wood is around to remind you to Just Say No to Plywood.
Real-Wood Skateboards

Bare Back
Many different Longboard models in several different styles.
Bare Back Skateboards

A cool Canadian company with a whole slew of different designs.
Skull Skates
Skull Skates

This well known maker of street decks also has two longboard models.
No Logo Found
A few longboards, wheels, and some weird innovations.
Payaso Products

Their longboards are 48" by 11" and feature custom inlay/coloring.
Boards By Castles

Dregs has a full line of longboards, some specially designed for slalom/downhill/luge.
Dregs Skateboards

Edge has but one size (46"), but a whole bunch of neat graphics.
Edge Snowboards and Skateboards

Olle' lets you order a completely customized longboard, down the the last detail.
Olle' Surf and Sport

Makaha carries several different models, none very large.
Makaha Skateboards
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Undergrind Longboards have a neat little hole in the tail by which the boards are to be dragged up big, Parisian hills. To add to the fun, their site is in French.
Undergrind Skateboards

A few nice longboard models.
Streetfish Skateboards
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Spin*Dog Skateboards
A new company with a wide variety of longboards with a surf feel.
spindog skateboard logo

Kahanamoku Sons
Hand-crafted Hawiian hardwood in 3 models, and surfboards.
Kshsnsmoku sons logo

Brooklyn, New York
Bustin Boards Logo

Victoria Mn.
logo for northern pine long boards
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Junebugs Musing: found on the wayback machine
Always in search of a better way to get around, I undertook this R&D project. Human-powered transportation is superior in many ways to driving, and all that is required is to commit to deviating from the bloated, lazy, television dependant american norm. Overall, skateboarding is several different physical arts under one title. Skateboarding is divided into two main categories (each of which have their own myriad of special styles and applications): shortboarding and longboarding. Shortboarding (commonly referred to as just "Skateboarding") is Tony Hawk riding vert on the X Games or Chad Muska grinding down a 23-stair handrail. Longboarding is downhill racing at 70 mph, slalom, and carving through the streets. As far as pure transportation is concerned, longboarding takes the cake. The small, hard wheels on shortboards greatly limit the speed and terrain that are easily rideable.
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Strange snoboarding cross-trainer.
No Logo Found

Bulldogs Skate Designs
we don't have the skinny on BSD
bulldog skateboards logo

Dewey Weber
old school surf boards included
DW logo

amusing logo refound
Envy logo

still around
madrid logo red
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Road Rider by Santa Cruz
found from archive
rr logo

Surf One
no current info sorry
No Logo Found
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found on the archive yay!
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Land yachtz
popular modern rig
land yachtaz logo

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Longboard Company Trucks
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Makers of 4 different truck designs,and not one of them for shortboarding. I ride Randal IIs.
Randal Trucks

eXkate is the inventor of torsion trucks and some darn cool wheels.
eXkate Longboard Specialists

Indies are widely known, trusted, loved, and I'll be damned if they have a web site. I've looked everywhere.
No Logo Found
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This surf-oriented company makes torsion-style trucks. Their site isn't up anymore... I think they got sued by eXkate for stealing their truck design and went out of business. Tough shit.
Kapu Global Surf Gear

Gullwing has 2 different truck models. The "Pro 3" is designed for longboarding/downhill.
Gullwing Trucks

Seismic trucks have springs instead of bushings, and I have heard a lot of good about them- but not the price.
Seismic Skateboard Trucks

Tracker B-2s are widely used for longboarding.
Tracker Trucks by Climax Mfg.

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Nuclear Pickle
These guys make green Torsion style trucks, but that is absolutely all I know about them.rainbow line
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