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"If man understood the laws of recycle and return, he would without delay put back into the farmlands all the animal manure and other organic waste he generates. He wouldn't be daily burying the thousands of tons of these life-generating materials in landfills that seal and lock them away from the natural soil-building processes for centuries to come.

"In Nature, there is no waste. All is reused, and usually made into something of still greater value for the sustenance of life.


"If man continues to break this law of return, he will not only stop the life-generating processes of the soil, he will actually cause the soil to degenerate -- a process that will sooner or later degrade all life . . . including man himself."

-- Malcolm Beck

The Life Cycle and Man by Malcolm Beck is a brief and instructional account of the importance of recycling and restoring the natural equilibrium of life and death.