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 We were not suprised by the interest raised from our first published guano
 page. truely guano has become a  project of admiration and concentration by
 the malmoea. we now intend to offer what he have learned thus far by
 researching and devolping bat guano.
   first off:
 We put up the page not really knowing what would become of it.  we quickly
 found that our guano page attracted more interest than any other link on
 our www site.  we were happy to find that bats and guano enjoy a world wide
 audience with many diverse challanges, including:
         - how to dissuade bats from living in attics and siding of homes.
         - using guano attract bats to bat houses.
         - a professor in kenya was intersted in helping the local community
           utilize guano, and another assistant professor in the philipines with
           the same concerns.
         - and of course we recieved letters inquiring after garden quantites
           of gauno.
   so then:
 We secured Plastech, a local firm, to produce 3 qt bags and send
 them to our good yaybor Malcom Beck of texas, who fills them up.  after 6
 months of waiting we had our most popular tool and toy product: bat guano.
 Selling for 7 dollars (with $3.22 added for shipping and handling) we started
 a very limited marketing of guano. .
 We started advertising guano and other ot&tc products on  Shannon
 Larrat generously agreed to volunteer space on his site. 
   at last:
 The malmoea submits that bats and bat guano are an important natural
 resouce.  it is evident that a global guano market organization would be
 beneficail to this planet and its people, and our siblings those wonderous
 flying mammals that we call bats.  if you are intersted in volunteering your
 help write us email.  .
 The malmoea is interested in hearing from you malmoea at g mail dot com regarding bat guano or anything
 on the subject of preserving our planet.  we believe that what's good for our
 planet is always good for we/you/us,  our mother's creatures.

July 25, 2012


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