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Ear Candling

a soothing comfortable ear treatment

our family first encounterd ear candles at our local health foods grocery. passing them by for a few weeks, we decided to give them a try. we didnt have earaches or any discomfort we just wanted try ear candles, we were curious. we were pleasantly suprised at how soothing and comfortable ear candling is. our family also uses ear candle treatments before air travel minimizing the 'ear popping' effects of flying.

Ear candling is not for every person, and thee results are different with each person. the process described herein may not be in accord with the overall consensus of the medical profession. If you have serious ear disease, tubes, ear drum damage or an upper respiratory infection and are considering this process, please consult a physician before you begin this treatment. ear candling is a home remedy.
we do not assume any liability for consequences believed to results from any information or process described on this web page.

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