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*Buck Naked and The Bare Bottom Boys, the world's only Pornobilly band, hailed from Omaha, Nebraska. The 'Boys were formed from the greater portion of the punk band Bump Fuzz and moved to San Fransico, California. In 1990 Buck Naked was shot in the heart by a crazed pigeon lover while walking his dog in Golden Gate Park. What was to be their debut album became the posthumous eponymous memorial album, released by HeyDay Records.

*Be warned: if searching for Buck Naked info on the internet you will find a lot of pornography. It may not be suprising but it is annoying. Or maybe it's funny.


many of these links are inactive

IUMA has the hit singleTeenage Pussy From Outer Space on mp3 and real audio.
HeyDay Records home page. Pester them for order info.
This site tells about a short film with good ol' Buck in it.
This is a page (outdated) about the singer Pearl Harbor, former wife of Clash member Paul Simonon. Her backup band includes Bare Bottom Boy Stinky La Pew and former Dead Kennedies guitarist East Bay Ray.
This is a story about the Beat Farmers that says a tiny bit about Buck & the Boys.


Many of us still miss our dear friend and mentor, Buck Naked, aka Phil Bury aka PJ Bury.

Here is a wikipedia for Buck.

Phil was creative as they come, active in all kinds of art and style. He designed our flyers in Omaha; each one was unique and shimmerd with his personality. Phil arranged and wrote most of our material. He was diciplined and led by example. In most situations where there was trouble and strife (as there is in all groups), most flowed like water off a duck's back into distant memory. Phil was also a cab driver in Lincoln and Omaha. In Omaha he leased a cab from happy cab; man that was a cool rig. It had seats in the back that collasped into the floor when unneeded. Oftentimes he would haul the band to shows in it. You don't see many checker cabs these days, great automobiles!

Here is a glimpse of Buck Curtesy Primus:



We are greatful to have known and worked with Phil/Buck

Phil was generous and a loyal friend, a rare find. His influence remains and the fruits of our friendship endure.


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