The McNeeLees

  this page was created by one of those volunteer coder/poets we have referred to.

we thought you might enjoy one of Thomas A. Bouses films:

On The Way to the Big Show.

Some of the sound track was recorded while Tom walked around the room getting some of his shots.

you can hear one of the Z's running around with bells on her ankle just in time with the beat,

and then there is that harmonica that Athenae was playing. such a sweet time

that session, more than 5 years ago.

Lately we've been planning our 2nd Album.

The planning for this one is taking longer; we are in no hurry. These things just

take time.

thanks for Supporting the McNeeLees.



McTour Slide show




watch one of Toms early films: On The Way to the Big Show featuring: the McNeeLees


Video: On the way to the Big Show - an early Tom Bouse short



Pn11:  Released in 2005 for the Kansas City Jubilee Film Festival, this short features the wild jazz piano of McNeeLee Richard Fraktyle.




We support live music that starts

with drummers soloing and refers to

a bar tender hitting a certain movie star

in the head.



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