on mad cows and Muskie
  The spongiform invades the cows brain tissues
  and somewhere nearby people start to drop
  the panic banned the beef across Britannia
  and confidence in cattle goes ker-plop...
  The 'Mad Cow' thingie makes the brain go mad
  all but wee percent occur in land of Queen
  The protein in the brain loses 'pro' and that be bad
  no treatment, so far, does solution bring
  1 to 2 per million people get the bug
  now kitties well as cattle get it too
  polymorphic people most susceptible
  so get yer hormones checked or y'all be thru
  Now some folks say lets measure everbody
  and others say the panic is untrue
  one U.S. scientist thinks we ought to worry
  another ate Brit burger... then ate two!!
   (later that same show....)
  A while back I spoke of Barbara Jordan
  tonight a man, another of her time
  I think that you will find, asking folks whose age like mine,
  Ed Muskie among the better of his kind
  A Senator from Maine he opposed Vietnam
  in '68 he ran for prez and lost
  that summer all Chicago seemed to riot
  (I left home for Lincoln (UNL be$t co$t))
  More civilized than most we know these days
  as Gov/senator/sec of state earned praise
  he stood up for your rights, he paid the media's price
  (he cried defendin wife and then called 'crazed')
  Its now so chic to pan political people
  a snide remark will always get guffaws
  but if more of them were like Sir Edmund Muskie
  I think we'd find more courage in our laws.

by Siclone

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