Oklahoma City

 Anniversary, flowers
 children remembering...
 a dream perhaps?

 Our brothers and sisters, sobbing,
 for children known
 not in dreams, but in memories
 as sharp as that edge
 which once, at least,
 must have cut you deep.

 The fireman...
 who bore the lost child,
 whose image washed our eyes,
 sez he is a Christian anew,
 and 1/1000th of a second of his life
 is a Pulitzer Prize
 for the man who shot him.

 A young girl, steady in voice yet
 gazing afar, defines for us the pain
 of remembering.  She lost her mother.

 Ashley was a typical 4-year old,
 we are reminded, who will never
 agonize over the slow hand crawling
 toward the end of the school day

 Is Ashley an angel?
 Will you call upon Ashley some day?
 ...to buoy a spirit?
 ...to grant a wish?

 A wish for who? 

by Siclone

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