thee sky aint fallin                                         technology
 neither are stocks
 twiced in a week
 plain parts decended
 to be prepared                                 humanity
 to stone a cub
 bears unfair beware
 of boy scounts
 or they leaders
 on thee other hand                                        malmoean mammals
 caged highly evolved creatures
 cradle three year-old zoo fallers
 cradle thee and deliver to the door
 from binti jua kin you ask for more
 in jordan its brade theys got to be fed                         social studies
 if thee king raises his prices and iron fist
 no won gits fed thee bread
 hosni he aint thee king of jordan
 he's a double ham raisin fists to his subjects
 here is some crazy talk about stuff that dont matter:               booshit
 the spinners are thrilled but clintons not chilled
 they say its a race think they kin keep thee pace
 post nominate swells in hades and in polls
 in thee ind they always wins yes its twinkle tolls

by Milton

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