July 30

Legislation is getting pushed through
so that terrorism will be... reduced.
Only unspecified minimum allowable doses
of the unexpected decimation of innocents
will be tolerated.

There.  Ya see?  The news ain't all bad!

What effects this will have on the relocation
trends of the American public
will no doubt be the subject of research.

Some believe that life insurance premiums
in major media markets
will grow as terrorists, forced to budget
for maximum cost (dud)/benefit (exposure)
impact, may mutate.

impact... the park reopened today
the heroic security guard interviewed by TV
and other media
is now a prime suspect
Katy Couric talked to him this morning.  cute.

Children are dancing on devices...
...I think her toes could crush a walnut...
Marilyn runs the lab and pushes the needle
into the shoulder of the pitcher, not a mouse.

He throws his curves, the needle swerves
and the fat guy reads the chart
then tells the reporter, "the peaks will be shorter
when more tests make us smart bout the heart."

Meanwhile the little girls prep for the years...
of training, and straining, and beating their fears
then back come the voices  (the oldsters s'cuss choices)
but to our faces come cheering or tears.

'Reckless abandon' - the ingredient sought
the heart of the athlete no science has wrought
the confidence carried, the full chakra spent
the future that pulls.      let others relent

Dole is speaking... (ssshh.. saving his ass)
he speeches to ass emboweled hollywood press
"Ya know, some movies ain't really so bad,
...sez so right here on me flip-file pad."

'Hosni Mubarak'   man, I'd kill for that name!
"...Hey Hosni!  wanna be on our side in this game?"
"...Mubarak steps up to the plate with 2 out..."
Ain't no smith'r no jones... 'Mubarak'.  no doubt.
Mcneelee de jour

by Siclone

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