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July 22

The river's eating the city.
For the folks in Quebec it's a pity.
The rain claimed the mill, and a house on a hill
and the lowlands ain't lookin too pretty.

The families of the fallin gathered round
the sands upon the beach by ocean's Sound
and walked in the water.  One pictured his daughter
and the fire, then fell to the ground.

Phoenix spirit is brought to the Games
quadrennial stage of dudes and dames
who know how to kill the yoke on the will,
aspirations, the world never tames.

The terrorists shadows descend
and weave with the clouds in a blend.
With fear on the shoulder, we'd best to be bolder
... a paradox lacking an end

Suburu Takawashi on a yacht!
14 years old and whad'ya got?
10,000 mile trip!  Hope his sails don't rip,
and I hope he likes fish in his pot

D'Amato is talkin to the camera...
..... ... .... ..... .... .....
God please, give this man an enema!
And start with his mouth, not somewhere down south.
Keep goin till ya find his etcetera.

  Commercial Break (CNN) don't have to pay a commission!
   don't prance like investor just wishin
   if ya buy it from us, you won't ride a bus
   and you'll hire some help for the kitchen!

Sorry kids, Dole must be mentioned
his handlers demand our attention
...see him walking up hill...  what a wonderful thrill
to see if his Mrs. will catch him!

The faster that athletes breathe air
the quicker they'll get here to there.
So they're stickin this pump.. on some guy with this lump
somewhere on his frame where me chest be!

The freeways filled early this morning
so the drivers could pack in a throng.
And stand at the gate, piling weight upon wait
rediscovering that minutes last long.

   ---Commercial Break  (network)
       Times on the side of the elder
       who eats all the stuff this guy selled her
       she'll sing like the Stones, when she's nothing but bones
       and the wind on her clothes make a glider.

A Lehrer later...

Two Bosnian leaders front of camera
would do better to seek their enamora
from the back of a horse, which would in due course
do its duty and kick em to Panama.

Our Ambassador sat there like a lump
splainin difference tween bad cards & trump
He ne'er change his tone if left talkin alone
all in all, I'd say he's a grump.

The new library on the Bay
was cause for a Celebrant Day
once chaotic collection, now a home for expression
'Diversity' rooms?  Right this way...

This hippie with an Architects degree
spoke of how the space should set one free.
And so the hanging stars, and planets such as Mars,
fall from a sunlit roof so all can see

Tonight I think that I will skip the speeches
they always stick in now so as to teach us
that giving 'equal time' is democratically divine
...even if the sounds resemble screeches.

by Siclone

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