July 16

Fuzzy logic...
the concept's appealing,
like feeling the truth without squealing
Now it comes on a chip!
If ya eat it with dip
then lie down, wait till truth hits the ceiling.

The Cow-Jones Index went a'flyin!
(investors just can't get a grip...)
First it fell down, freaked out half the town
then rebounded and lifted the blip.

Once again, they're reformin welfare
as a gesture, Dole gave some stuff
to a girl, oh so sweet who, when it fell to her feet
said: "To you, I expect that's enough."

Perot is back on the tube!!
Still grins when he calls Prez a 'Rube'
Says he'd be a teacher, an executive preacher,
if the people elected the boob.

Well that was my favorite bit...
Lehrer explained Perot's shit
to the people a'watchin
while the Texan be talkin
as if he knew "What it..."

Now listen, if Perot get elected
the People will soon be infected
with a bug in the house
where there once lived a mouse
and a rat (once or twice) was suspected...

And now we're watchin the kids...
in Asia, who win many bids
to stitch up the clothes
now Kathy Lee knows
the sweat that goes into her threads.

But are 'young workers paid' such a bad?
This one guy says they're kinda glad
to take home some money
for flour and honey
and occasionally something in plaid.

Industry consolidates daily
in time-honoured stoical way
If she can't buy the blouses
for less than a house is
she'll hire the child at play.

Taiwan and Malaysia play harder
(they remember the power of barter)
They'll hire your kids
soon's they're outta their bibs
then work em till kids become smarter.

If ya fire the kids, you'll pay more
for the clothes that you buy at the store
cuz daddies and mommies would rather be commies
then watch their own kids grow up poor.

And now we're hearin some speeches
from Clinton and Dole, each of which is,
pursuin election, if not an erection
(..some statues arise on the beaches).

by Siclone

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