July 15

5:30  (NBC)

Boris is just resting.
He's getting better all the time.
So Gore-boy took the day off
resting, time off, resting, time

Dole is dropping faster
than he did a week ago.
With Perot in the race, and Lamb in a trace
the Republicans sit on their dough .

MS-NBC born today!
They merged in the usual way.
They'll crawl in yer eye, on 2 medii,
till someday they go broke and away.

3'rd World's puttin their kids to work
so that Kathy can sit, like a jerk,
and say to the Congress, 
like a capitalist mongress
"Whoops!  Thought the kid was a clerk!"

The Cowboy got 4 years probation
'No Contest' the millionaire plead
But if each lawyer bled
when each plea was said
the Wideout would do time instead.

Let's not forget the commercial!
(Remember, this where I met Herschel)
This one had some phony
feedin kid pepperoni
The sponsor, I'm sure, made a bushel.

6:00 (Lehrer)

Is even a touch of you Irish?
If so, like me, do you swear,
that a bit of yer blood
yearns to slog in the mud
whenever the sunshine appear?

They're burnin agin in North Ireland
the Catholics agin point to Brits,
And in Britain they wonder
when the faraway thunder
will blow their ol' castles to bits.

Gamblings gone coast to coast!
Now the parasite's one with the host!
Now taxes are fun!  The oddsmakers won!
And you?!!
...well, yer odds ain't the most...

The gamblers compete with the merchants
and government should take the blame
they say the these 'taxes'
are fun, and relax us.
And besides, (it's only a game)

They focus on folks in the locus
and sell em on benefits won.
So when you buy the ticket,
pay for and then stick it...
they sigh and think their job is done.

by Siclone

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