July 23 It's fire season again in softland so the goats turned loose on the weeds. By eating the straw, they're obeyin the law da da dah... (screw it) They're using goats to reduce the likelyhood of brush fires. The news shows want the experts to explain who-what-why-how blew up the plane. See, they got all these shows, so if ya watch em ya knows and to other dorks then can explain. But the experts, they just got these 'bits' too few to make the whole fits, and so they keep divin, and sonarly tryin, while e'erbody else lose their wits. Would any of you volunteer to write down the seeds of the Ruwandans plight? They been doin it for years, but those lookin ahead fears that Ruwandans on lead edge of night. The Turks let us fly o'er Iran so maybe we help get da man... whose a pain in their ass, and threatens our gas ...these the good ol' days, for 21st Centurions The Congress passed some bills in the name of welfare's ills they'd limit the bene's, for folks in the tene's course, Republicans still keep their Wills.

by Siclone

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