Barbara Jordan died today

 sometimes, words are waves
 that carry stones atop the water,
 and deliver them to shores
 that never knew a rock before

 Barbara, Barbara
 Barbara Jordan, a woman who...
 Todays news, today we choose
 to remember you
 or just let you go, Barbara Jordan

 I remember you Barbara
 Barbara Jordan of Texas
 Your words, all I ever knew of you

 Is it to me Barbara, to tell them
 who you were, and to some
 will always be?
 Is the eloquence you possessed
 and shared, there for me?

 No.  Our lives, daily, crost by news
 of lives ending and abused
 steel ourselves for our own days
 and as we go on we remember
 what and who we choose

 Well I choose you Barbara
 first in so many ways
 to so many of us
 to build words into ideas
 right before our eyes.

 To mold a thought
 until it was clear..
 To lay beside a crystal ear
 and shine years later
 thoroughly, fine.

 What brought you here, Barbara?
 and why are You
 on my mind?

by Siclone

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