Poetry from a dude from the OutBack BBS



Steely Dan speaks of illegal fun,
I know them is not the only one

For I drink to remember, and drink to forget,
and I's not the only one I know of; yet.

I'll drink to praise the song of my day.
But mine have all gone, and others still play.

For the vices of life still need to be brung.
Cuz we all have our songs that need to be sung.

Ah, youth, unremorseful, most all have it still,
but regret is a strong and powerful pill.

For it I have swallowed, and gagged on its' size.
For I see myself, through other-ones eyes.

Whilst I do not like the size that I saw,
the pill I must swallow; with pride, and with all.

For I am a fish, and drink I must do,
So all I can ask, is "So, How are you?"

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