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Milton McNeeLee doing his work at the Barred Owl; witin The Scarlet Hotel, at Three Creeks Valley. - Lincoln Nebraska

July 2, 2022
Corn, cornfields and the 2nd of July
Saturday morning, in a mystical "can't get back to sleep" situation,it can be tricky to navigate. The cat wants out, ok. The other cat is restless; go back to bed. I can't! Well just get up then. If I'm not mistaken you promised some AM visuals: could this be your lucky morning? I don't even wanna know what time it is, I can see the morning light already. From mostly habit I get my ebike ready for a morning meeting with a probability wave of better than ok visuals. Travel lean this morning; only phone photography, this project. Follow the lay of the land to an adequate vantage point for sunrise capturing. Almost by instinct I proceeded North by North East, following streets and sidewalks to a clear intention combined with an elevated emotion. I locate my morning nerdvana. Clearly a cornfield that on the 2nd of July is way more than knee high.
Yes a corn field, in the middle of our city. We have em ya know; they could be almost invisible, as we are surrounded by cornfields mostly every direction you can go from this ville. Yesterday I envisioned getting a shot of corn drawn by the "knee high at the 4th of July" energy. So naturally here I was manifesting my vision, well sorta. How thee heck will I get an image of this here corn and knees? My trusty ebike has no knees. My vision seemed to include my knees?? Really I'm way ahead of me story here sorry, there was many a mystical moment before my corn field encounter, see.
Last week I was in discovery mode gazing at Google Maps, a solid straight green line from 4th and J Street-ish, flowing south. This looked suspiciously like a trail and so it was, a trail with no name, yet. Travel there and what do I find? Jamaica North Trailhead Jamaica North Trail, Lincoln Ne. Trees Bridges and grain silos with a sign indicating the trail Into the unknown all the way to where Jamaica North Trail meets Salt Creek Levee Trail, this is where I go: knowing nothing but map data about my destination. That I remember, there were no cornfields but a huge soccer field complex encircled by the levee and the trails. Not entirely but for a good measure. Some view. Soccer is well loved around here. I know I exaggerated about being surrounded by cornfields, none at this location tho. Now I'm behind. rainbow spacer yay
Saturday morning sunrise vantage point unknown . . . Wow! clouds illuminated by sunrise greenhouse illuminated by lighting on East campus Better than ok visual captured. Bless this morning and I'm not even in the corn yet. I'm ready to collapse a few more probability waves here/now. There is a rock road, curvy and whitish; it beckons me towards the unknown that is literally in my neighborhood's back yard. All the while the sunrise lays its mystical trail of lighting towards my lens. At this point I apologize for a too long break in the flow of this journal. Life is a little crazy these days for all of us and My commentary is "we are all doing a great job improving the world's energy the best ways we know how. Salutes to life on earth everywhere." So right about now I want to conjure an idyllic spot, not just for photography but a relaxing, serene place where nature and her sounds hypnotize me to bliss. What?? Just what is YOUR ideal anyway? A million miles from where you are? Yes well I prefer mine a wee bit closer and maybe hidden or something. Yes a rural scene with a green contrast field and birds singing way away from the toiling sounds of a city. Conjure that mi amigo. Hmmm now where is my wand. This morning is getting ridiculas, my moments runneth over. I linger for some time right here, right now taking all this in and transported a million miles away. I may as well be on an alien world somewhere or completely removed from reality into paradise, again and again. I think I'm gonna need a nap. What time is it anyway? Am I dreaming? Corn dreams? A pinch to meself might be practical right about now. rural scene on East Campus UNL trees, a field of crops and a cloudy golden sunrise Well I'm not dreaming and I still have visuals on me list here. I must linger a wee bit more: the pleasantry is too great.
My morning becoming a rolling gift of experience, continues along the backside of my adventure, through an array of green houses on either side of the road, neat and tidy. Returning to pavement and a fimiliar 2 lane bridge spanning
Dead Man's Run a local waterway. I pause and ponder, visual artists, photography, creeks, knees and corn. All the while the rising sun playing with the clouds, calls my attention to spans and lines and golden moments unending. Dead Mans Running through East Campus UNL
"knee high by the fourth of July"
How am I gonna capture my knees and these corn plants in this field about a half mile from my yayborhood?? I can't do it. Looking rather silly I'm certain I place my phone by my knees and the blades of corn, as if moving the tool where I want to focus would accomplish the least little bit of my objective. This was ridiculas nonsense at best. Still I had the image I wanted to capture; I will turn the other cheek for a new perspective, anything would be an improvement upon my lame attempts. The magic of this moment was revealed when I looked around and discovered a student walking to school. Presumably a college student, who as I watched stopped and tied a shoe maybe? Anyway I waved and pointed to the corn and to my camera and the student approached with a willing energy I was totally receptive to. out standing in a corn field I'm a social mess, clumsy and uncomfortable with most encounters, forgetting basic goodwill and manners, let alone professional standards. The student gave me a name but I don't remember it, for I was still processing the moment I said 'F' it and got out of bed. I didn't feel lucky then but of course I was. My yaybor told me that very fact this morning and I whole heartedly agree. Tis the luck of an Oirish. UNL Student who gracefully captured my knees and blades of corn bless us all
Thank You and bless your generous heart, now I have 2 friends from Mumbai! Yay.
lovely narrow rainbow by siclone
lovely narrow rainbow by siclone lovely narrow rainbow by siclone
A beautiful Sunset with an intent for Snoop and fans satisfaction with the show
April 21, 2022
Last night I slept through! A rare event for this dork. Maybe because I watched this Sunset, recalling something about low sun energy is good for mitochondria or something. Maybe it was because I recently learned my views on Google Maps has exceeded Two Hundred and Fifty Million, yes 250,000,000. That is a number before now I had no reason to imagine, and if I try to imagine it now it makes me brain ache.
Google PNG with image view data screen shot whoRay for rainbow space breaks yay
Nah that's just bragging, I believe I slept well because of a wonderful field trip on our city trails, twice in one day, yay. There are other reasons as well, a good nights sleep is essential for everybody especially cinematic technologists. Available all hours for nature and her beauty to reveal again and again with each threshold. I'm pretty lean on early morning thresholds, Sunrise yes lean on sunrises, this is changing so watch for some morning light capture from moi. Ok I'm ready to get real; the absolute reason I slept so well is: because I gotta amazing clip of one of me favorite landmarks, WhoRay. Sooo exciting for multiple reasons, we're gonna learn how to embed the vid for all ya all to see yay.
by , 2022-04-21T21:54:09+03:01 Platform: Insta360 One X2

April 3, 2022

Bless Rebecca Rose and her crew
March 21, 2022
It's another beautiful day in The Great Plains. Stiff wind today with abundant gusts, outta the South I reckon. Might blow some warmer air from down South. Right now it is 70 degrees and rising. My Trail adventures often revolve around our water ways, creeks, Antelope Creek, Oak Creek, Salt Creek and Deadmans Run. Couple days ago I captured some 360 visuals on Salt Creek near and on Theresa Street. Theresa Street Trail is one of the shortest trails in town I imagine. The 84th Street trail is a short one too. What's cool about Theresa Street Trail is it goes under Cornhusker Highway, really. Just up yonder from the underpass Theresa Street Trail ends, merging with the Salt Creek Levee Trail. Of course the elephant fart in the room is: it's stinky along this trail, after all it's right next to one of our fair town's sewage treatment plants. Yes, slightly unpleasant and it fades quickly as you travel north on the trail. By the time you get to Cornhusker Highway there is no discernible smell I sense on most days. A grand view awaits those who cross under the highway: Salt Creek, The Levee and the Back of The Shopping Center at 27th and Cornhusker.
East Campus has also captured my attention as of late, and I have some reports about sights sounds and aromas around that location. Perin Porch is a nice place to visit and hang. There is a funny review on Google Maps about what you can do from the Porch; humor in maps review is like finding a diamond in your hanky. Our equipment testing is proceeding expeditiously, there are lots of filtering options emerging. This example below highlights some of the creative filtering used to improve or completely change captured content into art. When we're blessed.
beautiful rainbow line for spacing yay
Colorful Image of a Trail Ranger from behind facing Perin Porch March 15, 2022
It's 200 miles on my new ride; broke 200 on the 'Double Dare' along MoPac Trail, not a mile from home. All in all it was a fine day for riding a bike, ebike or no. Our new equipment is not broken in, not even entirely understood. Remember what I said about the endless data that Technologists consume just trying to understand and use high tech stuff. Every day something new, or a challenge, or both. Well today was a day to figure new gear stuff out, and we had a measure of success. I will share when I'm done here with me blather. There is an awesome location here in our fair town called ' Tractor Test Track ' Yes it's on Google Maps and Street View. This is where we tested our new equipment for useful and practical data and visual collections; today we even captured possible Alien evidence! Yes, a splendid day in the Yayborhod indeed. Here are some results of this Eudaimonious day. rainbow line for spacing purposes

Here is a clip with geo stats including speed and path; yay!
The Tractor Test Track
Captured my technology
Other way around?
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March 9, 2022
It's too cold to ride today; I went out anyway. I'm grateful it is my choice, today I chose 28 degrees, not real windy thankfully. I was not out long mind you, less than 45 minutes. Usually it's a gorgeous day that propels me into a trail adventure; this time it was new gear. Yes, I will be posting an upgrade to my rig; this adventure proved up some of the barriers to flow, flow in the field. In extremes one must be prepared for the unknown; temperature extremes, both hot and cold, are worthy of regard and practical planning. Technologists have too many devices and there are too many settings within the devices to be stuck in the cold or heat changing settings or assembling photography rigs. Today I was using two 360 cameras, one taking interval photos and the other 360 video. I'm Pleased to report no malfunctions with either device. Success in the field is a blessing, failures are an education; a free education when twinkled with grace and good humor. Good humor and good cheer always improve a situation; thoughtful planning supports goodwill and good cheer, so lets put that energy out there for anyone who can use it. I offer you a fun photo today, captured at Peter Pan Park.
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Our World revolving
communities are solving
Riddles on the Trails
tiny planet insta360 effect makes a globe looking image rainbow line for spacing
March 5, 2022
Rain! blessing today. Rare as of late, moisture. Word is, Our city is considering a second source for water. Vital to the good life indeed. Today a ride would require adequate rain and cold weather gear. My bike, designed and built in Seattle, will weather the moisture should we be gifted more. I'm keeping a good thought for it from a perspective of gratitude for the drops we have so far.
Repeating myself carries a minor risk; some information is worthy of repetition. Riding inna gentle rain is fun and awesome with proper gear. I repeat awesome for effect. I might even use i talics.
Even in the rain, there are infinite treasures when you follow the path along the trails of our cities; a magical history might unfold before your senses. The Northern Flicker might be banging out a tune on top of a light pole in the park, or a black squirrel scurries across the trail in front of you. Some squirrels think they own the trees along the trail and give angry commentary regarding trespassers. I don't engage, but for with my camera; its common so not every-time even.
History? Around here most of the trails were railroad routes. Back then rail service connected communities all over the Great Plains and people would send their children visiting. Unescorted, many children took the train to boarding school; even middle class families sent children to boarding schools. My friend Tom remembers his last train ride in 1958 as a child, taking a train with his sister from Bennet to Dunbar. So events that happened along our trails, with people on the move encountering other people on the move. Leads to us now, modern Nebraskans our lives shaped by events long ago, when the civil war dispersed, and vets settled the Great Plains of Nebraska. Lately we have opportunity for the good life wellness trajectory. New build in The Telegraph district has a trail built into the housing: you step out walk a few steps and you are on the Trail! Yup a labyrinth weir provides for our emerging walking riding community, even floods are part of the plan.
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Infrastructure meme
Union Plaza is a lake
exactly the plan

my bike in the waters of Union Plaza flooded
rainbow line for layout
March 3, 2022
Open the windows it's March! What? almost 81 degrees; definitely open the windows. Today is closer to whatever norm we had; 41 as I share this update with you. Today I will ride and fast; ride later when it warms to the predicted high of 54 yay. I guess the Lincoln trails circuit I'm following is around 12 miles and pretty circular; double circle should one ride around Oak Lake, you can ya know. Tommy and I did just that the other day; it was nice. not all paved trail tho the bit along Oak Creek is flat and grassy; the view is awesome. there were people fishing near the weir, almost always see people fishing Oak Creek. So 12 miles is a great ride and the N Street Bike Track is awesome for getting from Union Plaza to the Haymarket; now part of the well traveled circle around Downtown North Bottoms, The old Fairgrounds and Mid-Town. Telegraph District fits right in to the neighborhood. Last night I attended a Feast at the Oven; providing me with a riding at night opportunity I could not resist. Started at Peter Pan Park proceeded to Elaine Hammer Bridge then onto Union Plaza, Antelope Creek Labrynth Weir, N Street Bike Track, Canopy Street, Oven.
there almost all on trails; a fantasic ride. I hadda stop a few times for visual surveys so I was late Sorry Chums. Truly a awesome feast and a dark ride home; exciting. The last time I rode this late was when a Husker game was cancelled on account of Lightning. By the time I got to Union Plaza I was soaking wet and cold. Somehow I forgot I lived in the Great Plains where the weather can change in a moment; no hat no raincoat only a t shirt. I thought to myself ride up to the underpass at vine street and take a break out of the rain so down the hill I went towards the underpass. The wind was so fierce and the driving rain almost painfull on my skin; there would be no stopping there! I rode on, my glasses covered in rain drops; wiping did not help. By the time I got to the Elaine Hammer Bridge I felt pretty humbled by nature and my neglect, it was dicey there at the top of the bridge. I carried on to Peter Pan Park and back Home. I was never so happy to push my bike up the stairs to the sheltered porch Ahhh I made it. Last night was not nearly as dramatic, actually it was just right, and yes, I stopped for more visuals along the way. Cheers!
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Today was golden
Like a Magnificent Set
Scouting Location
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February 28, 2022
Yesterday a gift from the wind; little of it blew in a fine day for outdoor activities. Today will be a dandy too; I'm down with that. Technologists have ample opportunity to fill their brains with endless device operation instructions; I'm there dude. There working on mastering 360 photography; finding more to it than meets the eye.
There were mostly failures yesterday while breathing through my lessons. Stopping here and there to get some treasure from the setting sun. Salt Creek Levee Trail was my mid-point destination with The HayMarket, N Street Cycle Track and the Antelope Creek Labrynth Weir; then on to Union Plaza for a 360 vid of the scene at sunset. Along the way I stopped at Pinnacle Bank Arena North Entrance, entering from Haymarket Park trail, its a great experience. While navigating the trail; a young man walking towards me smiled as he lugged his gear and said " wish I had a bike " all I could do is smile back and say
yeah .
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Sunday in the fields
mostly coastly gracefully
Life along the Trails
Pennacle Bank arena, looking south towards the State Capitol
February 22, 2022
Today its cold. Like any other winter day in February; not Jimmy Kimmel cold, below zero cold. I salute all the walking, riding and public transportaion commuters, may you be warm and comfortable at your days end. I will not ride today; many will even when the high is 12 above zero. Yes I salute you. I split some firewood instead. Only briefly tho.
My friend Kristy once said: February is the longest month of the year. Ironic and truthful all at once; makes my last few rides even more precious. by my reckoning Kristy's logic is fact. Fact is; gets real cold here in the Great Plains, in winter. We sorta count on it; we also wish for as brief a severe cold spell as nature will deliver.
Captured this visual while riding with Tommy in February 2016. Big head sculpture at Union Plaza 2016
February 21, 2022
Was it a dream? Sundays in February are cold or at least cool. Not today; would be hard to dream up a day like today in February, 2 inna row is absurd! Yet there I was on my bike, coasting down 32nd Street moving north to the John Ditriech Bike-way trail. I decided to connect to Murdock trail on 48th Street ride out to the bridge over 84th Street near the Lancaster County Event Center. Mahoney Park is just south of the trail there and connects Murdock Trail to 84th street trail (new to me) by the time I got to the dog run I was surprised by the population density of people and dogs. I hadda pull off the trail and witness. The exceptional weather was driving dogs and people to go out in February and experience the joy of ideal weather conditions; perfectly practical. The Fairview cemetery is right next to the dog park so I took a brief spin through; the 84th street trail is short but sweet.
South to MoPac Trail accross 84th Street has some intense hills so yeah whatever my RadPower gets me up them hills with only as much effort as I wanna exert so it was nice and a perspective new to me; riding 84th street. Lots of traffic and loud, my experince was brief and informative.
84th and MoPac trail was a welcome familiar sight. riding the trails has enhanced the probable city experience and we have several pedestrian overpasses on our trails. We want more and that will take time. O Street overpass is diagonal to O street and long, something to celebrate, moving walkers and bikers away from automobile traffic. The ride mostly downhill was uneventfull; going out again was on my agenda for the day when Tommy walkie talkied me (mobile app) His location was near Sunken Gardens and we would rendezvous at our trail bivouac.
Sunday surprises abound! we gotta new dartboard so between rides we played a leg of darts on our new board. We wore out the old one. I was not the champ in that dart leg so we will just move along with the Sunday ebike journal, thank you very much.
This evening I would reverse my course from my last evening ride. Starting at Peter Pan Park Mopac Trail rest stop I proceed toward Elaine Hammer Bridge and then onto Union Plaza. The setting sun was arousing my gotta get there now intentions so I breathed the fresh air and calmed meself down a wee bit. Yeah the sunset is transitory yet we are gifted them day after day so one must chill and get your photos when its safe and practical. Union plaza was/is awesome. Union Plaza 2/20/2022 67 degrees people walking jogging enjoying
Union Plaza shines
like pink gems of joyous gifts
floating horizon

February 19, 2022
Yesterday was a real gem; mild sunny and warm for the season. I could not resist going out for a roll. My new ride has performed flawlessly and I'm dang blasted grateful for the day and the bike. I tooled down to the old fairgrounds via the Elaine Hammer and John Dietrich Bike way bridges; I wanted to get some shots of a parking lot for Google Maps. The lot is near the confluence of Antelope Creek and Salt Creek. There are no "rivers" in Lancaster county see. The trail along Salt Creek is awesome, wild life and city life here and there; even a nice re-purposed bridge for creek admirers like me. Riding on the trail to Pinnacle Bank Arena was a first for me; takes you right to the elevated entrance on the north side, nice. I tooled through downtown and headed down the N Street Bike Path toward the Antelope Creek Labyrinth Weir; then to Union Plaza and back home again. another beautiful day in paradise. pink and orange sky at sunset Lincoln Nebraska
so yeah an e bike upgrade; My bionX served me well, I'm grateful for the ride. Now its onward to new experiences and adventures along our growing trails, here in the great plains. The Ebike market has been growing exponentially from when I Started this journal in 2012. Since my last post was September 2016 we have lots of catching up to do.

Equipment update

Febuary 2022

E-bike: RadPower Rad City

Camera: Insta360 One


When i first found out about e-bikes i knew i wanted to learn more about them. stumbling upon brand after brand; i found it staggering. after some effort a pattern began to emerge.
e bikes are everywhere, especially in china where millions and millions are utilized daily.

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race - H.G. Wells

e biking
after logging my 3000th mile on my Bionx ebike, actual experience is where my narrative comes from. when offered to demo an e-bike, of course i rose to the occasion and said yes, enthusiastically knowing i would share my experience with any willing reader of this web page. first i would like to say, with all due respect, that e-bikes are Fun! yes, sort of like a fair ride. there is a sense of available power and acceleration, but not too much mind you, really exhilarating. this is real transportation. with the confidence of the assist, i've ridden my e-bike to the bakery across town, picked up my kids from school, ride to meetings without getting sweaty. All of these things would have previously been done in the family car. Below, please accept my firsthand accounts of e-biking.

Odo 3400.2 September 22 2016

Trailer - Wyuka Tuesday
M.Z. McNeeLee
M Z McNeeLee Illustration by Z N McNeeLee
Illustration by Z. N. McNeeLee

A Google Visual Story
a lovely hollyhock bloom purple red white in the center a 3d image

A Google Visual Story

Antelope Creek Floodwaters
ODO 2707.2
It has been rainy the last few days, normal for Nebraska springtime. Riding in this weather is a natural. Yesterday it was overcast and partly cloudy, the Sun showing itself by and by. I went to Baba Bakery earlier and secured some fresh baked bread, we call it hobiss (hoe biss), chewy fresh and delicious. I also checked out new saddles for me bike as the one I have is sadly slowly falling apart. I could use some new fenders as well. Prices are reasonable so it's in my budget; I have reported to the boss and she supports my quest.

May 5th
Today I rode the Antelope Bike Trail to Lincoln High School to drop off some of the bread I acquired earlier in the day. On the way home right under Vine Street on the bike trail, as I was trying to decide if I would go all the way to Holdrege or cut up to the Elaine Hammer bridge from Y Street, I came upon a rather larger bird wading in the swifty flowing current (recent rains remember?) This Great Blue Heron demonstrated hunting principles while under-watch by a quiet observer in the background. Plainly visible is the blue of feathers on the body. I enjoyed sharing this moment with ardea herodias.
What does a Great Blue Heron look like?
An animated image of a Great Blue Heron in Antelope creek, along the bike trail in Lincoln Nebraska
Hunting in Antelope Creek
ODO 2620.1
Its been over a year since my last post. That does not mean I have not been riding my ebike, I have more than ever. Finding time to write about it thats another story we will not get into here. Please Note there is a YouTube embed at the bottom of the page, cinema of The David Murdock trail and more if you enjoy that sort of thing please watch and subscribe. There is everything to report and nothing to report the weather has be real conducive to riding and we have taken advantage.
Check Out This New Google Story
Friday After Work on MoPac

September 9th 2013
Yesterday, it hit 100 degrees. i say "hit" because the heat is so intense it's like being stricken and if you are not careful heatstroke will ensue. One should always have this in mind when outdoors in the Great Plains of Nebraska; the heat will overcome you faster than you might imagine. saying that, i was out briefly during the heat of the day and even the wind felt hot! Downtown i went on photography business, a few shots of some buildings of interest. When my task was completed back to mid-town i rode, mostly on either Antelope Valley trail or Mo-Pac. this time i went all the way to Holdredge and crossed the new trail bridge, noted the roof of the industrial arts building is no more. When i arrived it was just in time; the heat had played me out for a spell. it was time to relax and recharge me and my bike. we often get a heat spell in august; if it hits 100 on September 10th it will break the record set here in 1955... wow!

Odometer 2019.08

Finally our heat spell arrived, perhaps a wee bit late but right on time if Summer is when you want your heat spells. I do. School has started and our routine re-engaged; early to bed early to rise. the sunrise precedes our waking by a little bit by winter of course. we'll be up before the Sun, but for now this week will not cool below 70 until a few days in September perhaps. To ride early or after the severe heat of mid-day is my preference. already did my summer school transport,so now its on towards end of summer and Autumn, a wonderful time of year to be in Nebraska along the Mopac Trail or any others you may fancy.
July 27 2013
Ok, its been awhile. Sorry about that, life goes on and on and time finds me behind here in e bike blog land.
So much to report! Since today is a spectacular magnificent day for riding on our sublime trails, i had to issue an update. This summer a contrast from last, indeed drought last year, rain aplenty this year. Hot last year, cooler this year. Today an incredibly cool July summer day, as close to perfection as i can perceive. Since i just started to write this with out any preparation i will have to go look and see what thee ole odometer says; its been some time since I've noted it. Odometer reading is 1918.2
Summer school is over for our oldest; we had many successful trips. Mostly biked back, but there a few times.
It's an awesome ride for the most part, except where they are building close to downtown campus. Lots of stinky air right in that pocket of activity; we held our breaths to get through the bad air. Air pollution is a 'thing' everywhere in the world today. Dirty air moves and stagnates, so finding ways to reduce and avoid bad air will engender longevity in our communities. By the time we got back on the trail the air was hot but not full of particulate from diesel engine (the worst if you ask me). This is another reason trails are so awesome; you are free to breathe in as deep as you like. When each side of the trail is tree-lined, that's a sweet place to breathe. The shadows from the leaves and trees in the sun makes it dark and cool and welcome, 'least that's the way it makes me feel.
There were lots of cyclists on the Mopac trail this morning. Our city has really enhanced bike travel, taking advantage of programs to redesign waterways in America. Cleaning them up and offering trails down them allows us to share this wonderful resource. More activity on trails means more healthy leaders to follow; people are following the leaders to our trails. Most people that i see on the trail smile or have smiles on their faces. Happy people make better communities, and walking or riding on the trails will make one happier. That's been my experience anyway.
The last time i wrote an update was December of last year. Until then we had not had much snow; after that we did get snow and it packed on the streets and un-shoveled sidewalks. Not safe for people to walk on, slick sidewalks, especially if you are older than 40. Breaking a bone or other injury can result; happened to me a couple years ago. One of my friends slipped while helping her son deliver papers in the morning and she severely broke her ankle. This is a thing we must improve, make sure sidewalks are cleared of ice and snow so we can walk in winter without fear of falling and injury. After a snow with moderate accumulation we planned to walk to school. When i noted the conditions i decided to ride my bike on the packed snow in the street. As i proceeded slowly i found it was safer than walking, until the thaw. If i was called upon i rode on the snow to and back from school with our elementary school student. Not wanting to preach or complain, i was reluctant to talk about this vexing subject. There is a city plan for "snow angels" to help those that need it, however it's my opinion it's irresponsible landlords more often than not in our yayborhood. Anyway yay for riding on packed snow and yay for a July day in Nebraska. This is the closest thing to paradise-like conditions witnessed here in some time, maybe ever. Cheers Nebraska Weather!

December 19th 2012
Odometer reads 1423.6 Tonight its snowing. i was excited to pick up our child from school. today at that time it was raining and snowing, a weather condition I've not yet rode. 'twas warm enough so no accumulation on the sidewalks or streets. tonight its accumulating and getting slick, not the best riding conditions. as Autumn ends the weather was really nice. most of the time riding in nice clear weather for days on end until today. Mopac trail takes me to most of the destinations i travel, even cardiac rehab at Saint E's on 70th street. i can either cross O street on the Mopac bridge, or just ride up 70th street, or take 66th to Taylor and come in the back way. the bridge is the most travel but the air is better and the view is as well. still don't know how far i can get on a charge, at least 10 miles; that much i know from experience. Mopac is good from the antelope valley trail all the way past 84th street where it doesn't end, but the pavement does. please excuse my detour i just remembered this is about e bikes not bike trails. the bike is just wonderful and reliable. I'm able to be far more active and productive, helping my family in ways that before might be too much. now that the weather is changing, more exercise from splitting wood than riding my bike. either way its great to be able to share this story with all of you bike lovers and trail lovers. thanks boss.
End of Summer 2012
Ok. Odometer reads 1067.7 1k, yay. Its been awesome, let me say. sometimes i get too exuberant and i have to remind meself of safety. today i rode to the grocery store and filled my backpack with beer stew fixin's, including a quart of Guinness. this was the heaviest load i've hauled in my pack. i felt it but the trip was not long and the burden not too great. the lucky joy i feel time after time at my bionic self extended through my bike is a reoccurring event. there are adaptations one makes during a new adventure. riding in high winds or extreme cold takes a special plan and person. Now that its the end of Summer, riding weather is more abundant and pleasant. the rain has blessed me a couple of time this week. Living in Lincoln has advantages. the bike trails are one of the assets i celebrate over and over. some trails i know better than others; some trails i know so well they have names like chicken run and flat top dike and who's woods, bike jumps woods, woodpecker run, the big curve, the double dare, all places along the way. One might ask on the way where? well to the bakery, or the grocery store, the school, the coffee shop, the fresh air, the scenery. yes its all there and if i choose not to pedal well thats ok too. coasting is part of life less enjoyed and afforded in ' this economy'. Coasting downhill with a load to give momentum offers a fabulous opportunity to charge your battery. charging is braking on this bike, so you go down a hill slow but the charging meter reads buried (that is all the way to the left). its a great feeling. i like to look at the gauge but if my load is a student why she blocks my view. Lots of Photography while riding around our town recently. i got a shot of clematis blooming along the flats on a long fence row. the aroma is wonderful and fleeting, only late summer. this stand goes on and on so the smells do as well. its a real treat.
August 18, 2012
It rained today, off and on, my choice to go after a thermos of coffee resulting in a wet, and may i say delightful, encounter. we are so lucky and gifted to have the trails we do in Lincoln, Ne. the 1000 mile report i promised is forthcoming, nearly there. my mileage rate dropped during the heat of our record-breaking Summer. ODO 960.7
June 2012
Its over 863 miles at this point and 907.59 minutes by the way, not sure what my average speed is as i reset it often. transporting summerschooler down town to UNL Campus a highlight of my day. a tech dude who we had recently engaged, saw us from a new building thats on the Antelope Valley trail and declared " I knew that was you". Rick told me he had a conversation with one of the buildings residents and apparently another fellow indicated i must be working real hard. not really even the hills are doable with a child passenger... amazing. that new bridge over 27th street is some challenge met 5 days a week with confidence and as much grace as i can muster. We still have not exhausted the battery but have come very close. forgot to charge it one day after draining half the battery but i started conserving and try to charge it a bit going down hills so we made it home still under power yay! coming soon 1000 mile report ©

May 9th 2012
Riding in the rain

Most people would prefer to NOT ride in the rain. On the other hand, some folks don't have a lot of choices.. I find if the rain is not too intense and the temperature not too cold, its delightful. Twice at least I have ridden in the rain with my newish (almost 700 miles) e-bike. The issue here is not all e-bikes can operate functionally in the rain. For some this is not a big deal, for others it may be. Some e-bikes will work for a time, then a sensor becomes saturated with water. Next step find a blow-drier. If it's a heavy rainstorm forget riding of course, and if its cold same same. All in all, rain riding can be fun. I recommend it.


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December 1, 2021

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