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Deep Sleep cycle stage while in guided meditation

New Visual Art from a non-binary (multiuniversal) Tomzi Scheme
Lincoln, Nebraska visual of complexity in bridges spans, grids, concrte, ebikes
Ego noise blocking the Sun - Malmoea Theater  - Future and present energy merges into reality generators
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Snake River Falls


Snake Falls was Temporarily Closed to the Public Tower Square lighting December 21st 2014
Our Summer goal this year was a tour of Nebraska's impressive waterfalls. First on the itinerary was Snake Falls, just north of Merritt Reservoir in Cherry County, Nebraska. It was a hot clear day, and we were excited to hike down to the largest waterfall in Nebraska, measured by the volume of water that passes over it. As we pulled onto the road to the parking lot, we saw signs posted on either side that read “FALLS VIEWING CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE”. We did not venture down to the clubhouse to look for news; the signage was placed well and we turned right back onto 97, heading south for Merritt Reservoir. The family played in the soft sand awhile, and at one point our guide was joined at the overlook by a man in a cap. He was a local, and informed Guide Tom that Snake Falls had been closed after an incident of vandalism. We were dismayed, and disappointed in humanity. This beautiful Nebraska destination takes effort to visit; it's in a remote location, short but rugged hike included. We wondered at anyone who would make such an effort, then be so disrespectful. The rest of the waterfalls tour was wildly successful. We walked the catwalk down to Fort Falls at the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge. We went to Smith Falls State Park and played at the tallest waterfall in Nebraska. We had to slow down for cows on the road. We stopped at shops along the river road, and bought ice cream at Sparks. It was a sweet trip, with just a hint of bitter. Snake Falls was dearly missed, and we can't wait to visit again.

Lighting the Tower

On December 21st 2014 City officials Dedicated and Lit the Tower at Tower Square

New Visual Art CityScape
13th and P Street in Lincoln Nebraska Tower Square lighting December 21st 2014There were lots and lots of people to witness the event, well over 100. Cool and windy, the dedication took some time but finally the big new CityScape Event. This shot was taken after most of the crowd had left and oddly the weather warmed up a bit.
On East Lincoln Lodge #210 hosted a Suzuki book 1 party for

East Lincoln Masonic Lodge #210
Zephyr sitting at the East Lincoln Lodge Grand Piano Zephyr at Masons lodge #210 Grand Piano
Masons East Lincoln Lodge #210 Grand Hall
Grand Hall
Grand Piano sits left of center on the far dais.
Suzuki Method Book one Parties happen all over the world these days. This one was generously hosted by East Lincoln Masonic Lodge #210 at 2700 'S' street. Our Family had never been to the Lodge together so it was big news for us to be invited to host Zephyr's Book One party there. Students of the Suzuki Method of instrumental music are encouraged to perform in recitals even at the beginning stages of their education. Completion of Book One, which can take a year or several, is cause for celebration, and students are encouraged to play the entire book in a solo recital. East Lincoln Lodge 210 was an ideal location for Zephyr's recital for several reasons. Freemasons include music in their proceedings, so they have instruments on site in good playing condition. Furthermore, Masonic Lodges have excellent acoustics designed into their lovely buildings (it's an organization founded on architecture, after all). Philanthropy, especially for children, is also a foundation of the Masonic organization. East Lincoln Lodge 210 is in our neighborhood, and Zephyr's Great-Grandfather has been a member of 210 for 70 years; it was a natural location for her to perform. In attendence were friends and family, fellow music students, and members of the Lodge. The recital lasted about 30 minutes, followed by a reception. Many thanks to the members of East Lincoln Lodge 210 for sponsoring this event, and the many constructive things they do for our community. We Present to you a film of Zephyr's performance. Enjoy!

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rainbow line
Masonry was well established in the United States by the time we became an independent nation, and is well represented among the monumental buildings of our capitol city. The first Masonic Lodge in Nebraska was chartered October 3, 1855 at Bellevue, ten years before Nebraska became a state. East Lincoln Lodge was the 210th to receive its charter, numbers assigned sequentially.
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August 26th 2012
Platte River Photo Survey
The Platte River A mile wide and dry?  Sign on Highway indicating the Platte River
(Late Summer 2012 Hamilton County Ne.) The Platte River was reportedly dry from Kearney to Columbus in Nebraska, newsworthy in our agricultural economy. Investigation and documentation brought us here to this bridge; the day before we had some rain. These Photographs show clearly where the river ends and sandy dry riverbeds begin.  In Lincoln Ne. there was a voluntary water ration; not the most successful venture. Tickets, with fines followed scofflaws. 
The Platte River Hamilton County Line
Photo of the Platte River partially dry very slight flow here and there
Platte River Island Platte river with very low flow and visible sandy dry riverbed
Photo on the right shows tire tracks left by motorists driving in the dry river bed. The contrast is stark.  The flow in some areas follows the tire tracks. The tread of the tires is clearly visibile from the bridge. The Future of Nebraskans is tied to this river system and Securing its future is part of our Future.
Platte River bed
Platter River river bed partially dry with automobile tire tracks visible
Weather journal report Saturday morning August 25, 2012 (Lincoln Ne.) - Cloudy and occational rain showers, moderately safe driving condtions, gray overcast and warm. I-80, busy to moderate traffic, mostly the flow presented a legal and safe speed for motorists. (York Ne.)- Cloudy and occational rain showers, moderately safe driving condtions, gray overcast, large cloud banks in the distance. (I-80 Nebraska.)-Cloudy and occational rain showers moderately safe driving conditions gray overcast and warm. No accidents visible during morning and afternoon travel westbound. (Grand Island Ne.)-Cloudy and occational rain showers clearing in the afternoon, warm and mild.
grey and dark clouds in a grey sky  storm front dark and grey 
if you were to travel on this day in eastern Nebraska, an encounter with these skies was in your presence.
(saturday after 12:00 am.)I-80 West.
Nebraska State Fair 2012 logo A PhotoJournal of the Nebraska State Fair August  2012
A Recount of a First New Fair experience Nebraska style: Lots of traffic flowing nicely. Finding the proper entrance vital to a pleasant Fair experience, easily accomplished with a logical layout and informative traffic signs and officials. Attending a fair out of town involves a certain amount of planning, especially if you have lots of travel gear. The new fairgrounds look like the prior site, so much so it felt just like being at the fair at the old Lincoln Ne. location (now the innovation campus). All the important stuff was here at the fairgrounds in Grand Island: vendors, rides, barkers, concerts, food, games of (ahem) skills and chance, and most importantly Pineapple Whip, perhaps a smaller serving size, but mmmm mmmm good. Steak on a stick available for those not rushed by the limits of time and energy. It was a Record-Setting State Fair and one would be pleased and amused to be a part of it. Tractors? antique Tractors anyone? Well over one thousand tractors, all idling on the Fonner Park track. On that day at this place a World Record was setting, spoiling the prior record set in Germany.
Nebraska State Fair mid-way image
Nebraska State Fair 2012 view
After the Tractor Parade it was time to proceed to the Grand Concourse Open Event Stage where the McNeeLees would be taking the stage at 6:30pm.
The McNeeLees at The Nebraska State Fair 2012
The McNeeLees at the Nebraska State Fair 2012

(Open Event Stage, Nebraska State Fair Fonner Park Grand Island, Ne. 2012) - The McNeeLees Started their show with what they call a 'Nebraska Anthem': Home on the Range. They invited any willing voices in the audience to chime in; it's almost patriotic the way they do that tune. They segued into a real nice John Prine number with a sweet violin arrangement. Then Milty left the stage and Tycho took the baton, leading the Z's in a demonstration of the Suzuki Method. The children played tunes from their curriculum, duets and solos. The crowd was all ears for the kind of experiences young artists have learning their craft, interesting and useful for all nebraska parents. They were rejoined by the dude, and played an incredible rendition of Boccerini's La Musica Notturna Delle Stradi Di Madrid as featured in the film Master and Commander. That was inspiring and really fun, almost as fun as the Katy Perry/Cure mashup. The 1st show ended with the older Z singing a rightous cover from Fleetwood Mac: Gold Dust Woman. You could tell she had not done this tune live too many times; it was a great rendition that one could be pleased with.
The Z's singing with feeling
The second show started with a Black Eyed Peas tune on, of all things, a banjo!  The crowd approved and they went on to finish in great style. There were some popular McNeeLees originals like Zingibar, the Thing, and lo Tiempo. Perhaps most surprisingly they did NOT play any tunes from their first cd Phooled. What's up with that? The McNeeLees' two performances were well received; the crowd size fluctuated widely. At one point the people waiting to get into the Heartland Events Center stood just outside a large doorway opposite the Open Class Stage; many paid a few moments of attention to the McNeeLees before moving on in line. The large section of chairs in front of the stage provided adequate seating, and were set up with plenty of space for strollers, bags, and peripheral dancing children. The McNeeLees count on community support and they are privileged to work with a learning commuinty of Organizations, (including the Nebraska State Fair and Lincoln Public Schools), private Individuals, Teachers, Mentors, and Patrons. Both children have been awarded scholarships from the Lincoln Music Teachers Association, enabling lessons from the skilled artist support enterprise Harris Academy of the Arts, who provided materials free for fair-goers, as well as practical and clinical support to prepare for the show. In the summer of 2012 both children participated in a paid internship for Thomas A. Bouse Productions.
Nebraska State Fair 2012 logo

photography T. Stephens

Lincoln, Nebraska August 1st 2012 - The Ross (Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center) turned film-goers away last night at the premiere of Niobrara: A Film Perspective, after filling all available seats. The capacity crowd gave overwhelming support for the 3 films offered by independent filmmakers Tom Bouse and Rebecca Rose.
Sell out Crowd at the Ross in Lincoln Nebraska
August 1st, 2012 The Ross Capacity is 105
Niobrara A Film Perspective Reviewed by Malmoea News on . Independent film draws capacity crowd, local support. Independent Film Makers T. Bouse and R. Rose delivered a sublime film perspective of the Niobrara River, to a sell-out crowd at the Ross (Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center). Rating: 4.5
July 21, 2013