How Milki Way Came to our House

by RATZgirl


Me My Rat and I

                   My rat Mango is really cute and sweet

i love it when shes around

somtimes she scaratches and somtimes she scratches hard

but a rat is a good pet so i like Mango a lot

she has a sister paws and and other sister  cherry there not alive they died

a wile ago but mango is helthy so i hav nothing to worry  about

A Black and White Rat
by RATZgirl
Remember my 1st rat Mango? Well this is the story of my new rat Milki Way.Her name is Milki Way because of her pattern, her back is black
but her stomach is white so she looks like the Milky Way.Have you seen those little cars the go very very very fast? I think she goes about
75 MPH because I see her for about a minute before she runs! Mango is still doing fine though. I'm posting pics of her and Milki Way soon so
stay for new things because I have great pics of my ratties!And if you want to see the ratties more go on my web site once a month.

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When Mango's sisters died she was alone so I wanted to give her company.I told my mom to drive me to the pet store to get another rat. When we got to the store we waited for my cousin and her mom. When they got to the store we looked at all the dumbo (big eared) rats. But then I saw Milki Way. She was the only rat that wasn't biting another rat, that was NOT chewing on another rat's ear, so i just thought for a second and said "I guess i'll get this dumbo."

a rainbow line seperator

Bringing Milki Way Home

by RATZgirl
When my mom and I got home we put Milki Way in her new cage. I think she was a bit tired from the car ride home.
We fed her pounds of food because the pet store did not give the rats much food.When she came home first she was about 4 inches
without her tail, but now she is about 6 inches
without her tail.And now Milki is perfectly at home.

Photos of Milki and Mango the rats

                                                          Milki Way                                                                                                                     Mango


April 7, 2022


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