Rebecca Rose

Licensed Massage Therapist
Rebecca Rose
Rebecca Rose Standing outdoors next to a Norway Spruce

Rebecca Rose, LMT  has been licensed and practicing Bodywork in the state of Nebraska since 1996,  with a focus on Traditional and Eastern healing methods, including Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Aromatherapy. She recently completed  level 2 Seifukujitsu.  Rebecca is also certified in prenatal and infant massage.
Autumn Snapdragons Maroon

Prepare for hardship, pray for the future, it is Autumn, Season of Metal.

The Metal Element is associated with ores and salts of the earth, and with refined thought, communication, and technology. Many qualities of the Metal element match the qualities of Air in 4 element systems; it is associated with breath and speech, intellectual and visionary pursuits, ideas and dreams, the future. The paradox of metal's physical density and ethereal qualities is thematic of it's complexity.
Dryness is the climatic condition of Autumn. Late Summer manifests abundance; now we store what we can, and effectively discard what is no longer useful. The plants dry their seeds, collecting the life of the next generation inside a container that can withstand the Winter and respond to the Spring. The life drains from the other parts of the plants and the inessential tissues wither and fall. Harvest the best first, watch the weather roll in, and prioritize. Cull the herd based on the abundance of the year and your plans for the next. While there is plenty of physical work to be done preparing for Winter Rest, it's more important than ever to work smart, think ahead, and use discernment.
The Metal element is associated with the Lung and Large Intestine systems. Lungs separate oxygen from the air, and the rhythm of the breath governs the pacing of body systems like the heartbeat. Large Intestine reabsorbs precious water and any remaining nutrients from our waste before elimination. The body fluid of this element is mucus. Usually associated with the nose and sinuses, mucus is also secreted throughout the alimentary canal, and other places in the body that need a protective coating. Colds and sinus infections can be brought on or made worse by the dry conditions of Autumn. A healthy diet with adequate water and fiber, or a seasonal cleanse, can prevent or shorten respiratory ailments. A scarf protects the Large Intestine meridian at the neck where it is most vulnerable to outside stress, so listen to your mum and get out your wraps.
Grief and Worry are the emotions of metal. Dealing with repressed feelings or overcoming procrastination is the energetic analogy of the high-fiber diet. Process any mental/emotional waste that is weighing you down. Letting Go is a skill to work with for Autumn, and Gratitude is it's twin. It is painful to recognize objects or habits that are holding us back, and Letting Go is an emotional part of the process of change. Throwing things away and discarding destructive behaviors brings up uncomfortable questions. How will life be without it? If we don't need it now, why did it seem so important before? Honor the need the things filled, and appreciate their service; then confidently put them away from you. Make the room you need for the newer you. Letting Go also involves trust, faith that change will be ok. Count your blessings, and experience Gratitude as you go about your work. It makes the Letting Go easier.
Over the course of Autumn, rituals of Death and The Past give way to rituals of Thanks, a spiritual refinement for the season. Use this seasonal energy to refine yourself also. Assess your diet, exercise routine, and spiritual/intellectual development. Plan your adjustments for wintertime, and prepare for the future.

As the yellows and oranges of Late Summer give way to the shiny white frost of Autumn, curate your treasures, discard your trash, and let the
balance of nature guide you to a restful Winter.

The First Step to self-healing is to accept responsibility for your own health. This does not mean you should forgo medical attention from others; there are many effective choices in health care. What it means is that you are responsible to make informed choices about your health and lifestyle.

Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) is an exercise used to maintain and improve health. By aligning breath, movement, and awareness, practitioners optimize energy flow in the body. Qi (or Chi), means vital energy, life force, or breath. Combined with Gong (or Kung), meaning work, achievement, mastery,
Qi Gong describes the cultivation of vital energy through physical and mental effort.



Super Moon
The The Super Moon  orange and yellow
While the moon is Super I will be standing still

                  Rebecca Rose LMT

November 15, 2016

Snapdragons drying into a mature maroon, a reevaluation of beauty. To maintain human freshness, moisturize often this dry season. #snapdragons #flowers #dryflowers #Autumn #dry

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