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I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit weird. I've decided that at least 75% of pop culture, I'm not to be bothered with. The 25% that I abide in is mostly books, movies, and TV shows, but not really music. The other 75% of my entertainment is stuck in the 1900's with Jimi Hendrix and Prince.

The 25% of popular culture I approve of is mostly centered around my supreme nerdism. The new version of Doctor Who is presently my favorite TV show, and I see all of the Marvel comic based movies that come out. Then I angrily hiss in the theater when they change a plot line so that it makes no sense in conjunction to the other movies, or when they change an actor in between 2 movies. I also despise weak plots. When they need a new plot, all they should do is take it from the comic book! I'm ranting, I know. Stop complaining, though because you probably do too. Usually, though, the writers and directors do a decent job. At least the 25% that I pay any attention to do.

Although a large majority of people can say that they do all of this stuff and are completely normal, I don't think most of them live with their parents and change their accents at random moments just because they're bored to tears of their own voice. Also shoutout to anyone who has to endure watching shows with cheap story lines and canned laughter just to go into their kitchen to make a bowl of ramen noodles, I can relate and I sympathize with you. If this hasn't convinced you that I'm completely insane yet, keep reading. If I have, keep reading anyway, you'll find this interesting. I literally yell at books when I find their ending or storyline unsatisfactory. If I don't have you convinced yet either you're a shrink, or you're incredibly weird too. I intend to bring up the number on my weird-o-meter by periodiclly adding, I dunno, random articles on various diseases maybe.

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Star Trek:Into Darkness Reviewed by 8675309-NerdzBlog on

June 15, 2013

Hey my lovely Nerdiverse! I recently saw Star Trek: Into Darkness... twice.
I come from a long line of Trekkies {by long I mean since Star Trek came out my ancestors have worshipped it}
and I am no different than them. I love Star Trek. I think the newest Star Trek movie was great.
It was good enough for me to see it TWICE and I’m considering going again. Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock Holmes
in a BBC show that I like {called Sherlock}, does an excellent job playing his charachter.
I will not reveal who he plays in case you have not yet seen it. A particular scene in this movie did
almost make me cry {yes I know, how pathetic of me}. Whoever cast this movie and the first new Star Trek movie did a great job.
I must remind you {I’m assuming you did see the first new Star Trek movie} that the timeline has changed, so don’t freak out over
how it’s different than the original series. I give this movie 999/1,000 tween girl shrieks and hope everyone else enjoys
the moviegoing experience as much as I did.


The disbandment of a legend:

I’m putting up two posts so close to each other because something sort of tragic happened Saturday, March 23rd.

The punk / metal / emo band My Chemical Romance just broke up. I opened up my heart to this ONE modern band and what do they do? They take me, shake me, and then break me. But they WILL live on in the hearts of all the KILLJOYS, RITALIN RATS, misfits, rebels, emos, hippies, lovers, haters, gypsies, nerds, and dreamers that they firmly planted their music in. M.C.R. has a place in our hearts, heads, and MP3 players. In Gerard Way’s immortal words:

“I am not afraid to keep on living,

I am not afraid to walk this world alone”

{from the song Famous Last Words}




2001- 2013



     I originally decided to read Lord of the Flies in a competition against my best friend. We had to read it, evaluate it, and write a two page report on it. We had from Thursday to Monday to do all of that, but I suspected I would win simply because of how awesome I was. Our reports were going to be judged by a panel of various librarians. When Monday rolled around, my best friend was no where to be found. I finally recieved a phone call saying that I won by default because the other report hadn't ever been written.


Lord of the Flies:Book Report


Lord of the Flies, by , is a book about desperate kids stuck on an island that would be considered a realistic fiction novel. It was published in 1954 by the Putnam Publishing Group. This is a good example of a realistic book that seems a bit out there but in all possibility could happen.

Lord of the Flies is a realistic fiction novel about kids that were in a plane crash. My reasoning behind the genre is that there is nothing really futuristic or mystical about the book. All of the things that would possibly fit under the science fiction or fantasy category about the book is going on in the characters’ heads. The novel takes place on an uninhabited jungle island where some of the only life on the island are the palm trees and wild pigs. They drink coconut milk and water that they got out of a stream and eat fruit and wild pigs that they kill.

The fact that they are alone on the island made them uneasy. They establish a leader and a system to call meetings. A conch shell was used to call all of the kids to one place, and then if anyone wished to speak they had to be holding the conch.Then the kids begin to go insane. They begin seeing a “beast” around the island. First one kid sees it, then the other kids begin to see it. They decide that maybe when they kill another pig, if they leave some for the beast, it won’t bother them. They killed a sow, decapitated her, and put the head on a stick in the ground. The pig’s head on a stick begins “talking” to them. It’s called the Lord of the Flies, and it is the beast or that’s what it says. The beast is really a state of insanity caused by being stranded on the island. Killing the pig and putting it’s head on a stick did the opposite of what it was designed for. It gave a corporeal, physical manifestation for their conscious minds to channel their subconscious fears.The pig’s head was supposed to appease the beast. Instead it made it more real than it had been before, because they created the beast out of paranoia. Their mind had just been making it shadows behind trees and the occasional glimpse of a fang, but now their minds have an object to use to make the beast that much more real. That makes them think that the Lord of the Flies is talking to them when, in reality, it’s all their imagination. Then they killed Simon. I think that, in a court of law, they would rule “Not Guilty by reason of Temporary Insanity” because they really didn’t mean to. The island just drove them crazy. They were split up into two groups, the “savages” and Ralph’s group. Then when Piggy tried to re-unite them, the conch was broken, and he was killed by a falling boulder. Following that, total anarchy ensued. The conch breaking was symbolistic of an ending. The other shoe being dropped. The conch was the item that brought order. When someone was holding it, they got to talk. It summoned everyone in the beginning. The breaking of the conch symbolized the breakdown of communication. Without communication, humans can’t coexist, so it’s highly probable that in the end if they weren’t rescued, they all would have killed each other due to lack of communication. It also contributed to them all wanting to kill Ralph. Ralph was already in bad condition because he had been hit by a spear. The man from the Navy coming and getting them off of the island may have saved their lives, but their minds will never be intact. It is very likely that they have PTSD {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder}.

I liked this book because you have to go back and dig deep to find all of the information. In many novels that mimic this one but are science fiction the idea of the beast is actually a creature that is bent on destroying the universe or something similar. It shows human nature in a whole new light. Humans will turn on our own species if we feel threatened or insecure about our standing in society or a group. We kill animals and sometimes it turns us savage. Some are more lucky than others. Also, humans instinctively need a leader. That’s why in the very beginning, when the conch was blown, they elected a leader. We’re akin to sheep in that way. We both stay in herds for security, and we subconsciously want to be herded. That’s true for even the most free spirit. I also liked the book because I like hyper real situations that, if you can imagine yourself in the place of one of the characters, you can imagine the essence of what it would be like, but is so unimaginable happening to you personally that you can’t imagine exactly. For example, I don’t even want to know what killing a pig is like. I don’t want to know what being on an island of only kids would be like. It sounds completely terrifying.I think that this book was so successful because, not only is it entertaining, it also seems disturbingly plausible. The writing is very powerful and, like Stephen King, leaves a lot to the imagination which makes the story stronger. William Golding achieved his purpose of entertainment in this story. I think another purpose he had in writing the book is to teach people that being a leader can get you hurt. One of the many themes in this story is that humans in stressful situations are more likely to take unpredictable action. This is backed up when they all turn against Ralph at the end. I would recommend this book to other people because it is enthralling and gives way to deep thinking on the human condition and the true meaning of sanity.

Overall I give this book two thumbs up. It gave me chills down my spine and made me ponder the human process of thinking. This book left me with the impression that even the most sane person, under certain conditions, can become unhinged. It is a good book regardless of what some school districts say. It wasn’t that gory. I even related to Piggy when he got up in front of everyone to re-unite them. I had to make my sister and myself stop fighting, so I decided to take the high road. I gave her a long speech and a bunch of ultimatums, and we figured things out. The only difference between the situations is that I didn’t die and totally break down communication. We also weren’t stranded on an island. I’m glad that I read this book because it showed me another side of humanity.


                     Les Miserables Review              February 10, 2013

On New Year’s day, I went to see Les MisÚrables. I sort of knew I would

it because Hugh Jackman {Wolverine, from X-Men}, and

Russell Crowe {Lucky Jack in Master and Commander} are in it.

I was also happy to know that Helena Bonham Carter was in it because she’s awesome.
Now to the actual movie. The entire movie was
very powerful. It shows an aspect of  reality you don’t normally see in most movies. Most of the characters ended up dead. It gave that feeling of how, in real life, you don’t always end up fully happy. Despite that, all of the characters shared a bond. The air of depression in the movie just adds to the layers of feeling, and the singing adds flavor. The pure emotion was exquisite. So... go see it.

Reviewed by 8675309-NerdzBlog on Feb 10


Les Misérables (2012) on IMDb



The Bond Series

SKYFALL movie image with Daniel Craig

SKYFALL Reviewed by 8675309-NerdzBlog on DEC 16

I just saw SKYFALL at the theater and let me tell you, it was amazing.


Hey all you nerdy James Bond fans. I chose the Bond franchise for my first review because, even though I'm new to James Bond, the world's not. Bond has been around for 50 years, so excuse me if I don't know what I'm talking about. The new Casino Royale is what got me hooked in the first place. I was up late watching TV and BAM! There he was, failing at a round of poker. Needless to say, I stayed up unblinking so, by the end, my eyeballs dried up and fell out of my face. Then I saw the preview for Skyfall and decided that it was a worthy cause to spend tons of money on. And it was. I just saw SKYFALL at the theater and let me tell you, it was amazing. It supplies you with a multitude of explosions. I don't know much about the James Bond franchise, but you can't really BLAME me. I haven't been around for many of them. This movie was amazing though. They had the silver Aston Martin with the ejector seat in the second half, and I think Daniel Craig is just a really good actor overall. He was born to be Bond. This was one of the best movies I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of movies. If all goes to plan, the next movie I review will be either The Hobbit or Les Miserables, and I will review albums and other stuff as well. Recently, I got album of The Clash called Cut the Crap. Maybe I will review that when I get a turntable.

Rating: 4.5

Skyfall (2012) on IMDb






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